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Archery is getting more and more popular both among children and adults. During the unusual course you will learn more than the basics of this noble classical sport. The archery course is run under supervision of an experienced instructor. The program is suited for beginners but can be adjusted to more experienced as well. You can choose from two kinds of bows based on the hardness of bowstrings. The shooting distance is 15 metres.

Included: English speaking guide, Bows , Arrows , Forearm protectors


ArcheryBattle is an exciting , dynamic game based on a combination of paintball and dodgeball , enriched by the ancient art of archery . To play use versatile bows, suitable for both right and left-handers and special arrows with a soft spot pompom tip. Each player is also equipped with a protective mask on his face and forearm protector. We play several different scenarios with its own specifics.
This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone. The game you never outgrow!

Included: English speaking guide, Bows , Special arrows with soft tip, Head protection , Forearm protectors


Romantic hideaways with small pavilions, several bridges over Mlýnský Creek, Wilderness floodplain forest and insights into local fields, meadows and orchards. All this can be discovered by our guided bike tour in the Chateau Veltrusy castle's park.
Landscaped park is situated on a river island with an area of nearly three hundred hectares. Bike tour is about 9 km long and is the ideal way to explore the entire area. We will visit architectural and natural attractions, romantic pavilions and other buildings.
We will get acquainted with the concept of natural landscape park, where wild nature unite the human work.

Included: English speaking guide, Bike + helmet, Chateau Veltrusy castle's park entry


A special pool full of heated water used for relaxation and pleasure. It is a perfect way for both relaxing after the activities and having fun with friends!

Our hot tub can accomodate 12 people at a time.


BBQ party with plenty of delicious food and draught beer. The BBQ party will be ready for you straight after the active program. It is the best way how to end the entertaining day.
The BBQ party can be incorporated after any program (rafting, bikes, archerybattle). The BBQ party takes about 1,5 - 2 hours.

Basic BBQ: Meat and sausages prepared on BBQ: 250g / 100g (chicken meat, pork meat, different types of sausages), vegetables salads: 120g, bread, beer / soft drink
Standard BBQ: Basic BBQ + tea , coffee, dessert
Full BBQ: Basic BBQ + 4 shots of typical Czech spirits


Undemanding cycling in the heart of Prague combines Prague castle visit with Petřín area and beautiful parks of New Town visit. There is only one little ascent we need to overcome on the beginning of the way with a hight difference of 87 metres (from Lesser Town to Chotkovy gardens). Afterwards we will visit Hradčany square with its gorgeous view of Prague. We will leave the busy turistic streets and we will explore peaceful paths in Petřín area and Kinský gardens. At the end we will ride along the Vltava river, we will cross Railway bridge to Výtoň on the other side of the river and we will finish our excursion on Palacký square.

Included: Bike, Bike helmet, Bike handlebar bag, English speaking guide


1800’s, a large population of workers thirsty for a refreshing beverage after a hard day’s work set the stage for the foundation of Staropramen. Today, Staropramen remains one of the most recognizable, widely distributed Czech lagers, filling super-market shelves and pub taps across the world. Naturally, visiting their new Visitors Center and learning a bit about this Prague lager tops the list of things to do when in Prague.


All year round

Extreme Rafting

can be combined with:

  • Archery: 1850 czk / person (69 eur)
  • Archery Battle: 1950 czk / person (72 eur)
  • Bike Tour: 1950 czk / person (72 eur)
  • Hot Tub: 2700 czk / group (100 eur)
  • Basic BBQ: 1950 czk / person (72 eur)
  • Standard BBQ: 2050 czk / person (76 eur)
  • Full BBQ: 2150 czk / person (79 eur)

Fun Rafting

can be combined with:

  • 1/2 day Bike Trip: 1690 czk / person (63 eur)
  • Brewery Tour: 1495 czk / person (55 eur)

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